Its been a hot one!

Speaking of hot… this cali weather have been a blazing fire, lets not blame the brush fire and amongst other areas that been scorching!!!

Anyways, its been awhile for some randomness mainly because being busy have its up and down….

got a temporary 9-5 to help stack up… cant hate on it… but heres what ive been doing on the side

finally found my card reader…

Did a photoshoot/video shoot of my buddy David Huang’s Porsche… which is not of the ordinary… for an Indonesian Car Magazine…

Porsche 3

Also I was cleaning around our garage… I found this lil gem…

35mm Minolta

35mm Minolta

Zoom Lens!!!


It was my dads old school camera… i need to get it serviced… cleaned out and what not…. i think it still in great condition….

til next time!!!

World of Dance San Diego

If you’re not doing anything this weekend or if you’re near San Diego, CA. Come and stop by our booth and cop a few tees this Saturday, August 29th. We’ll be releasing a new design so be sure to pick that up. Shirts will be sold CHEAP, so bring your cash! & enjoy the show!

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Website Redesigned!

If you haven’t noticed yet, we got a little facelift. We beefed up the width to support bigger images on the blog, a friendlier user interface, made use of the sidebar with twitter updates, and some other little tweaks here and there. Other pages still need work, but i’ll eventually get to that. Well hope ya’ll like the new design!

Todays Agenda

So being bored and desperate to do something during the day, I tagged along with my buddies Elliott (Superstreet,Superlapbattle,wordsling) and Carter (Import Tuner) to Agenda. Thanks to Nerran (Agenda) for taking care of us….

Nike 6.0 piece

Booth set ups….

Overall, it was an interesting walk-through on the brands that were there showcasing their line.

I didnt really take too many pics as I only stayed there for about an hour. It wasnt too big, there were only two rooms walked the whole thing within 30min.

There was a new era vip wristband that we got, but we were such in a rush we didnt even get to hit it up… oh well…. it was a very hot day!