Knockout Series

This release came out without a warning except a little twitter post but here it is, the “Knockout Series.” The concept of this release revolves around boxing’s Manny Pacquiao and Mike Tyson. Manny Pacquiao’s design is entitled “Champion” while Mike Tyson’s is “No Biters.” All are now available for Pre-Order at the ONLINE SHOP. Pre-Order ends November 12th, so get ‘em before the price goes back up.


3 thoughts on “KNOCKOUT SERIES (season vi)

  1. Seen it elsewhere too. I had posted my design on October 31st or even earlier at facebook posts. It was first dated and also released to the public way before anyone. We carefully did our research before publishing our design but after a week after we posted and released to the public we noticed a post on the Internet having the same concept. I definitely know we had it first. If you check out the “other” site with their design and their website info you can tell when they created their website which was november 11. We even have a shirt that says no biters that released the same time. kind of funny and shady how people just steal from someone elses creativity. Check our history we been around we have original concepts and we intend to keep it that way.

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