A# Alphanumeric x Superlap Battle

Superlap Battle have teamed up with Alphanumeric to produce a one time reincarnation of the infamous B16 Motor. The story behind this alphanumeric design back in the days was that Honda sent Alphanumeric a cease and decease letter on this design.

Super Lap Battle 2009 Event Shirt is limited to 250 units and is not for sale, it is given to Drivers, staff, and team crew for the event. The likeliness of anyone outside of the event getting a hold of this shirt is pretty slim.

via Superlapbattle.com

If anyone was into the car scene in the 90’s they should know who Alphanumeric is, they had released a shirt with a technical drawing of a B16 motor. They were one of the first clothing companies to recognize the import scene and this shirt soon became a classic. With Alphanumeric’s return they worked with us on creating a limited edition shirt that will only be given away to the teams at this year’s Super Lap Battle Finals on November 11th.

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